This page includes a collection of Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe news, reviews and events. We appreciate the journalists who are helping to spread awareness of our work and foster an appreciation for the arts in our community. We update this page frequently, so be sure to check back often.

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CALENDAR "Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe presents 'Jazz Hot Mamas' - Bobbilynn Hollifield, Sarasota Magazine

FEATURE "Michael Mendez - radio interview" - Lynne Bernfield, The Lynne Show
Lynne talks to Michael about his journey from a boy who just loved to sing to a "23 year old aspiring artist who is making a living with his art."
Pod cast available at

REVIEW "'Knock Me A Kiss' scores in Sarasota" - Bradenton Herald, Marty Clear
Highlight quote: "The script is both exciting and intellectually stimulating, and everything about the production enhances it."

FEATURE "Jennings made it happen for local African American talent" - Sarasota Phoenix, David Gaulman
Feature on Christine Jennings and her contributions to WBTT and the community. Last four paragraphs are outdated - I've reached out to the writer about it.

EVENTS "THEATER: Showtime with Leon Pitts" - SRQ Daily


Nate Jacobs co-hosts "Suncoast View" - WWSB ABC 7
Nate spent the entire hour on the show as co-host and was also able to promote WBTT during various segments.

Full list of Biz(941) Unity Award winners - WWSB ABC 7
Nate Jacobs won in the nonprofit category!

"Westcoast Troupe holds 'Vision of Equality' forum" - Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Jay Handelman
Info about the "WBTT Voices" program.

"Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe's Knock Me A Kiss" - Sarasota Magazine, Kay Kipling
Highlight quote: "All in all, Knock Me a Kiss portrays a milieu not that often visited, and makes it worth the visit."

REVIEW "Westcoast Troupe sends a 'Kiss' with a provocative love story" - Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Jay Handelman
Highlight quote: "Once again, the Westcoast Troupe, which built its reputation on musical revues, proves its ability to shine when the music isn't playing."