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[NEWS] "Good Deeds" - Terry Galvin, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Regarding Lowe's Home Improvement contributions to WBTT in December

[REVIEW] "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" Review: Really the Blues - Wall Street Journal
Highlight quote: "In this production, Mr. Smith and his cast have hit the high C of absolute authenticity: Every line sounds as real as a heartbeat. I was especially impressed by the four members of the band ..."
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[REVIEW] "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" - Marty Fugate, The Observer
Highlight quote: "Director Chuck Smith honors the playwright’s naturalistic tone, and makes you feel like you’re eavesdropping on a slice of lost time. The actors are equally real."

[REVIEW] "WBTT's Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" - Kay Kipling, Sarasota Magazine
Highlight quote: "Watkins, Dozier, Robinson and jones are convincing as old blues musicians who sense their time is coming to an end with the advent of a jazzier sound, and Wilson’s play reminds us of their struggles and their place in history."

[VIDEO] "Community honors MLK legacy with tribute" - Amanda Morales, The Observer

[FEATURE] "Voices of the Highwaymen: Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe honors the art of Florida's segregation-era painters" - Nick Friedman, The Observer

[REVIEW] "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" - William S. Oser, Talkin' Broadway
Highlight quote: "WBTT's production is brilliant in every way."

[REVIEW] "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" - Marie Kilker,
Highlight quote: "Anyone who’s looking for a musical may be disappointed, but staying for Act II should squelch that feeling. The play at WBTT is well worth seeing from the beginning until Robert Douglas brings it forcefully to its volatile end."

[EVENT PHOTOS] "Legacy of MLK resonates at Temple Emanu-El" - Amanda Morales, The Observer

"The Mezz" - Brian Hersh, WSRQ Talk Radio
"Ma Rainey" stars Tarra Conner jones and Robert Douglas appear on the radio show on January 21

[REVIEW] "August Wilson's early magic evident in Westcoast Troupe's 'Ma Rainey'" - Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
[HIGHLIGHT QUOTE] "Ma Rainey may get top billing in the play’s title, but she’s actually something of a supporting character, though that’s hard to believe from the fiery, take-no-prisoners performance of Tarra Conner jones."

[TV] "Suncoast View" - Nate co-hosts and Tarra Conner jones performs